Saturday, January 19, 2008

Baby Crow/Raven

Like many of us, I was fascinated by the Crow/Raven phase! It was kinda fun, for a few minutes! I wanted to think of a way to make crows Pretty (or at least Cute). I attempted to make a baby crow - surely they could be cute. It turned out to be fun!

Watercolor on Yupo

Honest - Honest! I did not paint this for the big crow frenzy! I had this painting in mind long before the crow feeding frenzy began!

It's based on a song my husband started singing when we were pregnant with our first child - almost 22 years ago! It was about an Old Black Crow, sitting on the fencepost, waiting for the rising of the moon.

I've been experimenting with my watercolors on Yupo - a synthetic paper. The paint "floats" and doesn't sink into the paper and creates the most unusual swirling texture. For this painting I just began sloshing on color. After it dried I looked at it and I saw that it was the perfect background for my "Old Black Crow" painting. There was even a perfect spot for the moon!

Watch for more paintings on Yupo... coming soon in the future of The Creators Palette

The Creators Palette

Happy New Year!

"First Morning" was painted on New Year's Day, 2008.
7.5 by 11 inches. Can you see the crow??? (wink)


Winter is still with us... Snowy Hillside Houses

It will be a few more weeks before the groundhog comes out to look for his shadow in my home state of Pennsylvania. And I doubt he'll see it again this year.
This little ACEO painting depicts the hillside district of Pittsburgh, PA in Winter.

J. Elaine Hays

Life with no Egret?

Ravens and crows? Life would be dull with no Egret! A small tribute to my monochrome past, this ACEO was an exercise in creating water with my favorite umbers and a bit of sepia. (It helps to have a background of Mangrove)

Lee Pierce

Friday, January 18, 2008

Oregon Snow Crow

Well, I was going to post my lastest works as they really were a challenge, but will seem out of it if I don't post a crow.
So here's mine. Done amidst a flurry of misty snowy weather in the Oregon valley where I'm now living.
It's an ACEO (ALWAYS 2.5x3.5" - Art Cards, Originals and Editions). Sold, rather than traded like ATC (Art Trading Cards).


Grackle, Anyone?

This watercolor is called "Moon Grackle." Just didn't have a crow to post. The original is close to the size of this image. It's on cold press paper.

Here's my website

Theresa Bayer

The Crows at St. Hubert's

The crows are even overhead! This painting is titled "The Crows at St. Hubert's". The church at St. Hubert's was built in 1054 and still sits in Idsworth, England. It is said to have been visited by Knights on their way home from crusades. In my painted version, three crows fly overhead, circling the surrounding cornfield as dark clouds loom in the distance. It's a moody, impressionistic, representational piece of art.

This artwork measures 8.5"x11" and is shown here in a sample mat and frame - matted to 8"x10". It is painted on Cold Press and is available on my website - The Creators Palette.

Did somebody say crow?

Here is a commission piece that was requested after I had auctioned and sold an ACEO version. This is OSWOA® or 4x6 inches watercolor on paper. The original piece was my response to the sudden explosion of interest in crow and raven art on Ebay. I pondered many explanations since it was intriguing that it happened around the holidays late 2007. One of my speculations was maybe it was a religious symbol. I will probably never know, but i found myself painting a raven or crow whispering the sun's secret to this bronze Buddha.

Erika Nelson

Crow Stew - ACEO watercolor on board 2.5"x3.5"

There's been a crow/raven (painting) mania going on a certain auction site from mid December until just last week. Works that were found suitable by the high bidders received up to mid three figures for some paintings as small as ACEO's (2.5" x 3.5"). Not a shabby situation for some very happy artists. The market flattened when reality came calling to the supporters of this craze. We bless them for the angel's wings they briefly wore, and the monetary blessings they bestowed on the worthy, the timely and the lucky!

My commentary on the end of the(se) good times:

Up for auction:

Barbara Spencer Jump

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