Friday, September 2, 2011


"Kathy" 8x10 watercolor on paper

I am happy to share this tribute portrait of my very missed niece Kathy.  This is a gift of mine to my sister Anna for her birthday next week :) 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tree study # 2, same photo

Same photo, different values in the painting. I put these side by side so you could see how it's the same tree casting the interesting shadows, but with the foliage and the background treated differently. Below is the photo I took at Lakewood Park. If you squint at the photo, you can see how the tree, foliage, river, and river bank all disappear into the same value. In order to make a painting of it, I had to re-arrange the values in the photo. This I learned from Johannes Vloothuis. Don't take a photo at face value! 

"Tree Study #2" 5x7 watercolor on 140# cp paper