Saturday, January 19, 2008

Baby Crow/Raven

Like many of us, I was fascinated by the Crow/Raven phase! It was kinda fun, for a few minutes! I wanted to think of a way to make crows Pretty (or at least Cute). I attempted to make a baby crow - surely they could be cute. It turned out to be fun!


Erika Nelson said...

He was definitely the cutest crow of the lot I've seen RoseAnn! I'm so glad I won what I see as this chick's Momma ;)

Lanie said...

I agree! He's adorable. And when I showed him to my husband he thought it was a photograph because the feathers are so beautifully detailed.

Jillian said...

Indeed VERY cute!
Way to go!

Melanie said...

Every time I look at this, it warms my heart. You captured the "baby" look - and the fuzziness. I love this little crow!