Saturday, January 19, 2008

Watercolor on Yupo

Honest - Honest! I did not paint this for the big crow frenzy! I had this painting in mind long before the crow feeding frenzy began!

It's based on a song my husband started singing when we were pregnant with our first child - almost 22 years ago! It was about an Old Black Crow, sitting on the fencepost, waiting for the rising of the moon.

I've been experimenting with my watercolors on Yupo - a synthetic paper. The paint "floats" and doesn't sink into the paper and creates the most unusual swirling texture. For this painting I just began sloshing on color. After it dried I looked at it and I saw that it was the perfect background for my "Old Black Crow" painting. There was even a perfect spot for the moon!

Watch for more paintings on Yupo... coming soon in the future of The Creators Palette

The Creators Palette


Lee said...

So Juicy! You and yupo do well together :)

Lanie said...

Love how you blend those colors on Yupo!