Saturday, March 22, 2008

ACEO Secret Garden NFAC

"Gardening is Where the Heart Is!" ACEO watercolor and ink on paper

This lady is smiling because it's spring time again! Gardening is where her heart is, so although she is in too much pain to be doing actual gardening; in her heart a beautiful secret garden springs up at will and she is always cultivating the most colorful and unique thriving garden of all times!

This is my entry for Nibblefest Art Contest starting on the 20th of each month. The theme for this month is "Secret Garden". Please be sure to search the auction for NFAC to see more great entries, each starting at 99 cents. Thank you!

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Shy Faun ACEO

2.5 x 3.5 inches, watercolor with gouache, 2008

An ACEO painting of a shy faun. Fauns were woodland spirits in Roman mythology, half man and half goat.

Miniature Watercolor

This is one of a series of four miniature seascapes I'm painting for an art exhibition later next month.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Moon Cactus

"Moon Cactus"
The red orb on top of the Moon Cactus is not a flower. It is part of the regular plant. The reason why it is a bright ruby red instead of the typical green is that sometimes the cactus lacks cholorophyl. This painting of a Moon Cactus was done from life.

Size 6 x 4, watercolor and gouache on 140 lb hot press paper.

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Nibblefest March 2008

"Secret Garden" Nibblefest March 2008 theme on eBay.
Every month on the 20th, the Nibblefest art contest happens, starting at 7pm US Eastern Standard Time. Type in NFAC to the eBay search under Art, and see all the wonderful entries.
Watercolor on 300 lb Fabriano paper, size 6 x 8 inches.
A Victorian lady in a big hat, all in gray against a drab background holds a magic sphere that reveals a brilliantly colorful secret garden.

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Regret ACEO

ACEO, 2.5 x 3.5 inches, watercolor, 2008
Another of my handsome guy paintings - this one looks like he has something on his mind.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Watercolor Master Challenge Alphonse Mucha

Tribute to Alphonse Mucha's "Young Girl in Moravian Costume" OSWOA / 4x6

I finally painted my submission for the Monthly Master Challenge in our watercolor group for "Spring" theme. I chose this piece by Mucha because it is probably lesser known but one of his more colorful paintings. He was a Monravian painter so if this is what he was surrounded with, I venture to day he digested a lot of his inspiration from his culture as he became known as an Art Nouveau artist.

He actually was brought up in strict Catholic family life. He became a member of the choir at a young age. However his voice changed as he matured so he was excused from the group. And his musical talent was channeled to visual art.

Red Hibiscus

Red Hibiscus

Here is my attempt at the WNW red flower challenge. Red is always a tough color in watercolor painting. One of the great things about our WNW group is that we encourage each other to broaden ourselves. Love that! RoseAnn