Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Chickadee

These are the cutest birds in the world. Small and sweet. If a bird can have a "baby face", these do.
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ACEO watercolor "Savannah Sidewalk"

"Savannah Sidewalk"
ACEO 2.5x3.5" watercolor.
Just listed on eBay.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chapter 1: Alice in Wonderland revisited. :)

Alice in Wonderland revisited.
"The Audition Line-Up" - Chapter 1.

ACEO original watercolor + ink listed on eBay. What ARE these little hamsters up to? "When the hamsters heard that Johnny Depp was going to star in 'Alice in Wonderland' they were all very excited... " read more on the auction page!


Cherries and Chocolate Cake

10 x 7 inches, watercolor, 2010.

This was painted for the Watercolour's Wet 'n' Wild February challenge. We were provided with several black and white photos of different objects (all with different light sources!) and were asked to choose 3 - 5 elements from the photos to make a composition. I decided on a cherry theme with red and green dominating the colour scheme.