Friday, January 18, 2008

The Crows at St. Hubert's

The crows are even overhead! This painting is titled "The Crows at St. Hubert's". The church at St. Hubert's was built in 1054 and still sits in Idsworth, England. It is said to have been visited by Knights on their way home from crusades. In my painted version, three crows fly overhead, circling the surrounding cornfield as dark clouds loom in the distance. It's a moody, impressionistic, representational piece of art.

This artwork measures 8.5"x11" and is shown here in a sample mat and frame - matted to 8"x10". It is painted on Cold Press and is available on my website - The Creators Palette.


Erika Nelson said...

I love art with stories! This painting a nice change to many crow paintings I've seen lately!

Lee said...

I feel like I can step right into the field and wade through the stubble!

Lanie said...

I can feel the serenity of this piece, Melanie! Lovely!