Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hat Lady with Cat and Keys

"You Have Always Had Those Keys" watercolor and ink, ACEO, on medium weight cold press watercolor paper. On Ebay, with 20% going to Mercy Corps.

The Lady is wearing an elaborate hat with keys dangling off it. Around her neck is a heart shaped locket with a keyhole in it. There is a searching expression in her eyes. The Cat knows about the keys, and tries to let her know that they are within reach, and always have been.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Humpty In Love, Alice Thru Looking Glass Theme

"Humpty in Love" Watercolor valentine 4x4 inches, and ink on medium weight watercolor paper.

Humpty Dumpty is in love with the Red Queen. You can see her initials and his on the wall. However, the Red Queen is married to the Red King, so Humpty's love goes unrequited. Alice is in the background, hiding behind a tree, and the Cheshire Cat makes a sly appearance. Humpty shouldn't trust that cat. He's a gossip.

Available on ebay, with 20% going to Mercy Corps, to help out in Haiti.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2nd of my hamster series "Alice in Wonderland revisited"

Well, as I write this my ACEO art card is getting multiple bids on eBay, and about to end in a few hours.

Here is my second in this series "Alice in Wonderland revisited" See the listing for the story behind this. Watercolor + ink. Collectible trading card sized - 2.5x3.5".

You can read the story so far in both my listings...

Thanks for looking...