Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Watercolor Wenesday - Mom, Mother, Mum

My Mom loved Pink, my Gramzy, too. My youngest daughter who recently became a Mom is crazy for Pink as well.

This simple rose is my Mother's Day greeting to the only one of those great ladies with a mailing address.

That pink thing skipped me entirely. When I purchased hundreds of Blue Bell bulbs for my yard, imagine my surprise when half of them bloomed pink. Still making their presence known?

Happy Mother's Day!


RoseAnn Hayes said...

So charming, Lee. No one would ever know you didn't care for pink! I love it, and this reminds me of a vintage valentine! Come to think of it, so much of your work has a vintage feel. This one, and your hydrangeas, would make a lovely valentine present! Oh, congratulations on the grandbaby!!

Erika Nelson said...

Happy Mother's day to you Lee! How beautiful and feminine this is! How is the baby?

Lee said...

The little chunk a monk isn't so little anymore. I am aching to get my hands on him. Grows so fast and changes by the minute, I'm living photo to photo.
He's a cheeky happy baby, just like his Mom.:D

Allyn said...

What a wonderful card to receive for Mother's Day. Im so blessed to have such a talented mom! xo