Friday, May 9, 2008

Coffee Cup Watercolor Painting

I painted this coffee cup recently, in remembrance of a collection of these cups that my grandma had. I think she got them as "gas station giveaways". Gas stations used to give dishware away to their customers as a promotional item. They gave away depression glass, carnival glass, jadeite, and melamine-type dishware. Boy, have things changed!!!


Lee said...

I got a set of steak knives! That would be a very risky gift now!

I love this cup. I used to live near Syracuse China's misfire dump. A bunch of us would hike over an pick through all the china rejects and end up with a bunch of china to play with. This was my favorite pattern. :D
Just &hearts the glow!

Erika Nelson said...

Wow the only thing I remember gas stations gave away were coloring books - put a tiger in your tank - Esso? Ok I'm dating myself lol I always loved this piece!

Loredana said...

I love coffe cups, probably because I love coffe! And this one is so nice.

Barbara Ann said...

....yep, I remembered such give aways...glasses, place settings! That dates me!