Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Two teensy eensy little watercolors

I finished two little miniature paintings yesterday, inspired by the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.
One is of a little girl "Runaway" running away from her parents who are obviously occupied talking. Watercolor with a little bit of ink.
It's listed on eBay at:

The other is "The Hot Seat" - a garden bench in the tropical garden hothouse in the ABGs.
It's all in watercolor. The image size on both is 1.5" - but I've left a white border around the outside that can help with framing.

Low starting prices.



Crescendo said...

Happy new Year to you !

Joyfulartist said...

That's a great way to photograph your little paintings, with a penny alongside. It really helps to get a feel for the size. They are wonderful. Do you paint with a magnifying glass? Do you belong to the Miniature Painting Society?

Just Me said...

Thank you for the New Year wishes. :)

I used to scan these with the penny, but it lifted the image up off the scanner enough that I couldn't repair the colors to look like the original.
Soooo.... I scanned a penny and now, use the penny and super-impose it - checking with the original and actual penny to make sure I get it the right size. :)

I belong to MASF - Miniature Art Society of Florida, AMA - Association of Miniature Artists, and used to belong to the Australian Society of Miniature Artists.
These I rarely use a magnifier for as they aren't 'show' standard. I sell them to dollhouse people usually, who like 'originals'. I, myself have a miniature roombox as an art gallery with miniatures in them - see my website. :)