Monday, December 28, 2009

4 more Miniature Watercolors just listed on artbyus

Just listed 4 more tiny MINIATURE paintings on art by us. All watercolor, including 2 I already had up there. 1:12 scale (for room boxes and/or dollhouses)



Art By Erika said...

You ALWAYS inspire me to paint miniatures but I never get around to even starting!!!!! I don't know if I have a brush with half a hair though? Beautiful my dear! I just wish I could click to a wee bigger image as I am visually challenged with double vision. But I like! :)

Just Me said...

HAHA. I'm glad I inspire you, but truly you'd be surprised that I use 'normal' size paint brushes - although in smallest sizes.
I've been asked for these 'bigger' - but they are virtually actual size - so they are the size I see when I paint. Thank you Erica. Hope your Christmas was a good one and all the best for the new year. ~Jillian