Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chase - Dog Portrait

Quite by accident, I seem to have fallen into dog commissions in the last couple of months. This is number 3. Though I'm not really a dog person, I have enjoyed painting them.

This measures 14 x 18. Watercolor on Arches cold press.


Erika Nelson said...

I guess the dog lovers are trying to convert you! I never would think that you're not though since you've done a beautiful job (as usual) Congrats on the commissions Kathy!

Anonymous said...

Being an animal lover, I always think you can only capture the essence of a dog's expressions if you understand them. You captured the essence. Nice work.

Just Me said...

Super work!
I love the way you've captured movement in this. Bravo! ~Jillian

Kathy Jurek said...

Thanks Erika, Jillian, Jean...It really is a beautiful dog. I would probably enjoy petting it. :)