Friday, January 9, 2009

Cat's Cradle Portrait of Akiko Watanabe

"Her Cat's Cradle" 2.5x3.5 inches watercolor
This a deal that developed during the DSDF Portrait project. I have always admired Akiko Watanabe's work - it's nothing short of EXCELLENT. Her attention to details that is always done with such care and impeccable skills. Her love for animals is always manifested through each one of her creations. Here is her website and here is her blog prepare to be knocked over :)

So I see Akiko as an angel, most especially cats. This is why I thought I'd paint her with wings. And a pair of hands with the cat's cradle string position to symbolize that cats find comfort with her. I tried with my limited knowledge of cat shapes to paint 15 cats on her shirt. This number symbolizes an important figure to her which I will let her own. It's a miniature piece of art, but it's the biggest hug I can send right now and made with love for dear Akiko xxx


Sheila said...

Okay... I have to comment here too. the fact you took the time to remember and include all these special things about Akiko. What a lucky lady she is to have you as a friend. I love the colors and the 15 cats.

Lee said...

A wonderful tribute, Erika. So much in so small a space and an excellent likeness, too.