Saturday, November 1, 2008

DSDF #9 Alabama Cow

Different Stroke by Different FOlks #8"Sunny Alabama Cow" 8x5 watercolor
I really wanted to paint Karin Jurick's Alabama Cow for her DSDF week 8 challenge but I never found the momentum so watercolor was the quickest. Anyway I'm pleased to have painted this beautiful cow! You know we pass many cows when we drive around some lingering farm areas in Northwest Arkansas but I guess my California eyes have never really had the pleasure of observing how CUTE they look! She actually looks like the cows they portray in Disney cartoons LOL!


Theresa Bayer said...

Erika that Charles Reid workshop did you a world of good. Nice and loose but with great structure, fresh color, well it's simply Divine!

Lori Andrews said...

Erika, I sooooooo love this, The cool blues on his legs make for even more interest, not just his face, which is well lets just say Mooooylicsious!

Lee said...

Cute? Not a word I'd use to describe cows after being up close but your painting is an excellent capture of cow essence! Yes, I love this style and this cow is kinda cute :D

Loredana said...

I agree with Theresa, Mr. Reid added somethinf to your way to paint. That's a beautiful example!

Erika Nelson said...

Theresa thanks so much! I am so amazed that Charles Reid workshop also gave me a new confidence and inspiration to DRAW and of course since I love colors, by the time I finish drawing, I'm warmed up to paint!

MOOOOOCHAS gracias Lori lol!

I only wish I had thick eyelashes like the cow and have the cupie doll hair going for me so I can be cute too Lee hahahaha!

Lore thanks so much you are also inspiring me with your latest art I see that you are painting extra beautiful art these days!

Kathy Jurek said...

Luscious watercolor, Erika. Yay! It's better than all the ones I saw on the site. ;)