Thursday, October 30, 2008

The H Quilt Erika Made

The H Quilt Erika Made, Watercolor, 16 x 16

This piece was made in time to participate in Watercolor Wet n Wild's October Challenge, which was to paint a quilt. This quilt was made for me by our very own Erika Nelson, who, unbeknownst to me, worked secretly on it for years and years. She surprised me with it when I came to visit her in Arkansas exactly two years ago. It has graced my bed ever since, a wonderful reminder of our friendship and also that Erika is always full of surprises! Thank you Erika!

The H Quilt Erika Made, Detail


Erika Nelson said...

BRAVO! You have really captured the feel of the the quilt with the rectangles and squares, squares and rectangles, rectangles and squares LOL! Well this painting truly does it justice YAY it's not VERY immortalized with both our works! Want another quilt??? Well maybe someone else can make it lol!!! I love the attention you gave to all the patterns and your sweet smile to boot, my dear - BRAVO!

Hillary Miller said...

aw, you so sweet! And, truly, I couldn't have done this without you! Thanks so much!!!