Saturday, May 3, 2008

Texas Bluebonnets Watercolor Painting

As I've mentioned, I live in Texas Hill Country, so I'm always working on Bluebonnets. I'm working on a looser, more fluid style - trying new approaches.

I started my own blogspot, too - I'm having so much fun with it:


Lee said...

I like the simple direct look of these bluebonnets, RoseAnn.★
Blue is my favorite color :D

Erika Nelson said...

RoseAnn do bluebonnets have fragrance?

RoseAnn Hayes said...

Erika, they don't have any fragrance. At least, I've never smelled any! They are peculiar little wonders. They will grow in the most unlikely, hostile-looking soil....and yet they are very difficult to grow in a home garden. They don't last very long, only a couple of weeks. And yet, they are greeted with excitement every spring in Texas.