Thursday, February 28, 2008

First Daffodil Watercolor Wednesday by ArtByErika

"The First Daffodil" 4x6 inches watercolor and ink on paper

Painted for Daily Watercolor's Watercolor Wednesday, the theme was "signs of spring". Here is a child who is obviously a flower lover; she is greeting the first daffodil "Happy Birthday!"

I'm late too Lore!


Loredana said...

Never too late for beautiful art!
She's so nice!

Lanie said...


Kathy Jurek said...

Too cute, Erika!

Erika Nelson said...

Thanks so much Lore, Lanie and Kathy. I guess I'll be late again this week WAH!

Hope to see art this week from you girls too! I know Lanie has done her Bingo ;)