Sunday, February 10, 2008

Andromeda Watercolor Art By Erika

Art of Erika Nelson
"After Sir Edward Poynter's Andromeda" OSWOA /4"x6" inches
Classic painter Sir Edward Poynter (1836-1919) painted a scene from a Greek mythology Andromeda who was chained to the rocks by Poseidon to punish her mother from bragging so much about the beauty of her a daughter.

I discovered that Poynter also did a few other pieces based on this and one of them was a beautiful sketch of Andromeda with wonderful anatomical definitions that many figurative artists love to depict (because their college teachers patted them on the head when they showed those lovely muscles he patiently taught them). As a result I was even more interested paying tribute to Poynter's Andromeda because I wanted to render mine in color but merging both his smoother very feminine colored version with his less feminine but muscle defined drawings

I did this piece as an entry for EBSQ Nude Show and for my watercolor group with "The Sea" as their theme for their Monthly Master Challenge.


Loredana said...

Erika, that's stunning, you can just remark any Master: You are a Master by yourself!

Kathy Jurek said...

This is beautiful Erika. You and Mark have been busy with your paintings.

Erika Nelson said...

Thanks Lore and Kathy! And I'm sure you girls have been busy too! But I hope you will be posting soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm only a starting artist myself and just started painting watercolor and am amazed! I love this painting with the muscles subtle but vivid.:)

-Thanks for posting it, it is inspiring.

-rufferto9 on deviantART.