Thursday, January 31, 2008

ACEO Original Watercolor paint Robin Bird ATC WnW MLES

ACEO 2,5 x 3,5 inches

Watercolor 140 lbs/300gms Arches Cold pressed paper

Winter is the best season here in Italy to see the Robin birds, they have now heavy plumage
to protect themselves from cold, and their colors are much more intense.

There's one in my little garden, every morning he comes onto the little
bird-house hanged to the tree and he sings strongly.
I give him some peanuts and seems to be happy about that.

I spend long minutes watching this little bird and as I don't want to disturb,
I never took a real photo if him.
To paint this ACEO I used a picture from a gentle man who allowed me to use it,
the background is took from the hedge of my garden.


1 comment:

Erika Nelson said...

Cute bird Lore! Looks like he's eaten a few berries already :) Maybe you will have baby birds in the spring ;)