Monday, July 23, 2012

5x7" "The Pirate Rogue" watercolor

I fell in love with Renaissance Fairs in 1998 when I went to my first in Atlanta, Georgia. It also wet my appetite for other events.

This is from 2011. "The Pirate Rogue" - watercolor painting from Rogue Renaissance Faire.
5x7" The costume is wonderful in its detail - a great mix of colors and textures. But how costumes like this get worn on such hot days, I will never know.



CARbofos said...

good details, but I think there is no light

Art By Erika said...

Beautiful figure!

Riz said...

great art! :)

Just Me said...

Thank you so much, both of you. Yes, there probably is no light, although it's a study of a renaissance costumed lass, it's also kind of fantasy/illustration, not true 'reality'. I guess I used 'artistic license'. :)