Saturday, October 29, 2011

Miniature watercolor: Old Steam Train

This watercolor is 3.25 x 1.35". I photo'd it with USA 1 cent coin, for size comparison.
"Fading Past 0702" - From what I understand, this train no longer runs through Dillsboro, NC. So it's a glimpse of our fading past.
This painting is on it's way to a miniature exhibition in Pennsylvania.
Seems so funny at times how art traverses the world. From conception in NC, to birth in OR, now to PA, and who knows from there. Probably back to OR, unless sold - which would delight me no end. I never know what is better - win an award, or sell your work. Both are an awesome acknowledgement to an artist.



maddyrose said...

I marvel over some artist's skill and this is one of those times that I'm speechless. So much detail for something so small.

Theresa Bayer said...

Oh that's lovely, and so perfect in every aspect. The penny is a good idea, it really brings the tiny size home.

Carl Tanner said...

Painting small makes my head hurt. . . hahahaha

Just Me said...

Thank you so very much (I think). *lol* Sorry I made your head hurt Carl. :)


Just Me said...

Thank you all so very much. This won an award "Americana Award" with the Cider Painters of America annual miniature art show in December.