Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sleeping Cat art for Help Japan Challenge DPW

"Dreaming Sweet Dreams" 9x12 inches plus white borders watercolor on paper

This is my painting specifically inspired by the Daily Paintworks's "Help Japan Challenge" Keiko Tanabe's challenge was paint the first thought that comes to you with the theme "home".

I live in Arkansas, but home to me is California. My generic reaction to the word "home" is that it's a place where I can be comfortable to do as I please. Home is sanctuary which is something taken away from thousands of people when the earthquakes and tsunamis hit Japan. When I saw those videos, I wondered how those poor people could convince themselves the world was not ending before their eyes. To most of them, it still must feel as if their world has ended. But they are alive and have to continue to survive and hopefully they will see life blossom again soon despite their loss. This is such a small effort on my part to help them out. But together we can make a difference to one or more people. I have chosen to send all proceeds to American Red Cross. Please click HERE to see my art and other artwork that you might find special enough to bid on and hopefully add to your collection. Thanks so much - Erika


Mark said...

Lovely work, Erika - nice to see you painting again :)

Just Me said...

Erika, that is AWESOME! I want to do something for Japan, too. But my time is stretched at the moment. It was wonderful of Keiko to do this. Last I heard it was about $16,000!!!!


Art By Erika said...

Thanks Mark I appreciate your moral support, such a good friend xx

Art By Erika said...

Thanks Jillian! Yes last I looked it was $21k!

RoseAnn Hayes said...

Beautiful work, and very excited to see you post a painting! Love ya! RoseAnn

Art By Erika said...

RoseAnn I love you too! Thanks so much for the warm welcome back! :) xox