Sunday, June 6, 2010

Yellow Pansies

Here's my version of yellow pansies that I planted in pots. Mark, your's are beautiful and I'll be yours will also live longer than mine. I don't think these little guys are going to make it much longer with all of the hot weather we've been having, but I'll do my best.


Lee said...

Nice one Kathy!
I'm packing up some wet weather to send your way.

My pansies in pots and in the ground are all droopy and have small flowers from a month or more of rain. :(

Karen said...

Love the contrast...Lovely!

Barbara Spencer Jump said...

Sweet pansies, Kathy! It's hot here in AZ too!

Kathy Jurek said...

LOL Lee...We've actually had plenty of rain so my flowers are very happy and the pansies are still alive!

Thanks Karen and Barbara :)

I started my second pansy painting today so hopefully have that to share in a day or two.

Mark said...

Lovely, as always! Glad to hear the pansies are still alive too!