Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Begonia Boots

7 x 10 inches, watercolor and gouache, 2009.

I'm not quite sure what I do to wellington boots to ruin them so quickly but I am now onto my third pair in two years. The question was what to do with the old pairs that were sitting in the porch looking very sorry for themselves. I decided to use them as plant pots and chose some trailing begonias to brighten them up.


Art By Erika said...

OMG I totally love this painting Mark! What are the dimensions? I think it's a perfect recycling job!

RoseAnn Hayes said...

I totally agree with Erika - this one would be a keeper, for me! What a great combination of colors - the blue, the green....great combinations!

Sheila E. said...

I Love it! The colors and values are terrific!

Jack said...

WOW! thats really a nice picture..Great to see this one..nice post too..
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Just Me said...