Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sistahs and their Fiestas DSDF 23-24

"Coffee Clutch" 9x12 watercolor
It was hard for me to take this challenge too seriously for some reason lol I wanted to title this "Sistahs and their Fiestas". I love the word "sistahs" so I decided to use Fiestaware to rhyme the word with hahaha! Actually my original concept was a full sheet watercolor on Yupo but I just couldn't get my supplies together on time and the 8x10 study I did for it fizzled within 15 minutes (too small).

So here is my contribution to DSDF week 23-24 challenge with Karin Jurick! One can only imagine what these sistahs from different muthas were are ranting about.


Lee said...

There you go - not the usual rendition! I so enjoy seeing where you end up with these challenges.
As always, a colorful, lively interpretation.
So much cheerier than heads in a window selling their hair. LOL

Loredana said...


gianlucio said...

Hello, in Italy today is the feast of the woman, GREETING!

Lanie said...

It's great, Kathy! Really interesting composition! Love it.

Kathy Jurek said...

LOL...Erika...of course, you meant Karin. ;)

Erika Nelson said...

And Lanie meant Erika lol