Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pretty in Red! - Carino in rosso!

Watercolor 13 x 10 inches on 180 lbs Favini Torchon Paper, painted with Winsor & Newton artist's paints.

This is an old (1970 circa) Italian telephone, most of our homes had it in turtle-dove color or in black, but I can hardly remember that there were also in pomegranate and dark-green.

Forgive the pink background, the paper is bigger than my scanner and the edge of the sheet takes the shadow of the paint below (which is obviously white)

I'm not sure if this is the last version of this paint, I need to add something, but I'll come back on it later.


Lee said...

ZOWIE! Lore you really nailed this phone, Well Done!

Rachete said...

Looks like the old bat phone.


Theresa Bayer said...

Wow Lore, your best yet. BELLisima! pardon the pun.

Hillary Miller said...

striking and fun!

Erika Nelson said...

Lore I remember that phone but without the red button in the middle. What a perfect red you got there, what colors did you use? I love how vibrant it is!

Lori Andrews said...

Well, I KNOW I said it somewhere before, but again, LOVE THIS! One of my favorite of yours Lore!