Sunday, March 16, 2008

Watercolor Master Challenge Alphonse Mucha

Tribute to Alphonse Mucha's "Young Girl in Moravian Costume" OSWOA / 4x6

I finally painted my submission for the Monthly Master Challenge in our watercolor group for "Spring" theme. I chose this piece by Mucha because it is probably lesser known but one of his more colorful paintings. He was a Monravian painter so if this is what he was surrounded with, I venture to day he digested a lot of his inspiration from his culture as he became known as an Art Nouveau artist.

He actually was brought up in strict Catholic family life. He became a member of the choir at a young age. However his voice changed as he matured so he was excused from the group. And his musical talent was channeled to visual art.


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What a lovely spring palette. Feels so fresh and warm. ;)