Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Life Study - Pam

Pam, Watercolor, 20 x 15
detail, Pam


Erika Nelson said...

Hillary, is Pam a Hollywood actress? Looks like you captured her attitude and she seems lost reminiscing about something grand!

Theresa Bayer said...

Does Pam have a sister in Austin? We just had a model who looks and kinda dresses like Pam.

Anyways, this is really expressive and I love your colors.

Hillary Miller said...

Well, Erika, apparently Pam does do extra kind of work for Hollywood! But she did have a great costume!

Theresa, Pam's daughter Jonna is also one of our models, but then of course she's here in CA too. But maybe there's more in the family! I'll have to ask next time I see her! Thank you for the comments!