Wednesday, July 9, 2008

In The Sun

Finally, we have a run of Summer days.

Even my Orchids get some time In the Sun


Erika Nelson said...

You've captured orchids beautifully my dear! And I'm very envious that you can keep orchids alive!!

Lee said...

They are the easiest house plant I've ever had. I've killed countless african violets and ferns.
My yellow one is sending 2 spikes again. In August both spikes should be filled with flowers.

Erika Nelson said...

Gosh my African violets are quite neglected I bet it's gasping for water right now. So does the orchid need to be in a greenhouse?

Lee said... window works fine. Luckily I have lots of them.

Theresa Bayer said...

Well you sure nailed this watercolor of orchids. Just peachy, to mix a metaphor.

I've killed a few houseplants in my time...and just slaughtered lots of watercolors too, come to think of it!