Friday, May 23, 2008

Summer's Where?

We had three or four days of sun with temps in the 90s, I remember them well. Just last weekend the AC was a necessity. Now the heat comes on and it's in the 50s. I really enjoy warm summer nights. These dunes remind me of the Lake Ontario shore I visited each summer as a child. Able to stay up later because school was out, we'd play in the dunes until the sun set.

Warm Night


RoseAnn Hayes said...

Very soothing painting, Lee. It reminds me of my best childhood moments, on the Isle of Palms, SC. Same dunes, same fences. Only we never saw that colored sunset on the East Coast. Wow! Man, I wish I could paint beach scenes. Have tried so many times - all were destined for the trash bin. Immediately.

Mark said...

Wonderful coloured sky! Lovely atmosphere to the scene, Lee :)