Friday, April 4, 2008

Wednesday (Saturday) Watercolors April Shower

"Daisy Drops" ACEO
I was waiting for a neighbor to arrive and thought I'd finally unwrap a package of papers my fellow watercolorist Barbara Jump cut and sent me. Before I knew it I had a piece good enough for April Showers theme :) I've also decided I love Fabriano Uno! I think I loved it before when I fell out of love with Arches but I never knew what specific Fabriano paper I was using.


Lanie said...

Lovely, Erika! So fresh and crisp.

Kathy Jurek said...

I second Lanie's comment.

What do you like better about the Fabriano compared to Arches?

Erika Nelson said...

Kathy it's smoother and has finer tooth and the weave is so fine - you really just feel the quality. It's perfect for small format watercolors. I read in wetcanvas that it's been replaced by Fabriano artistico extra white *shrug*