Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Watercolor Wednesday Things I love by Art by Erika

"Snowy Walk" ACEO

I love RED! And when there's snow, colors stand out even more, especially the cardinals where ever they are perched. And the dogs are so much more frisky when they go out for walks, not even minding how cold it is and how much their owner is not really enjoying having having to bundle up and brave the weather. But they obviously love their pets so off they go daily!

But I like red on objects. After I painted this I looked in my closet to see if someone might guess my affinity for red. Well, I learned that I wear pretty much any color, though most of the time I wear black or something neutral like gray or navy blue. Go figure!


Lanie said...

That's precious, Erika!

I love red, too. And in fact the wells of red paint get refilled more often than any others in my watercolor palette.

Erika Nelson said...

Goodness you're so right about the red running out quickly! Guess we're a couple artists who simply loves COLORS!

Mark said...

I love this painting Erika...I love that the dog is taking the boy for a walk LOL, and the colours in the fence..it just has a lovely feel to it! And of course it is beautifully painted, but then you knew that anyway didn't you dear :)

Erika Nelson said...

Thank you dahling, glad you picked up on the dog taking the boy for a walk lol