Friday, January 25, 2008

Roger Mortimer

ACEO, 2.5 x 3.5 inches, watercolor and gouache, 2008.
An ACEO painting of Roger Mortimer, lover of Isabella, Queen of England. Born in 1287, he was married to Joan de Geneville in 1301. His father, Baron Wigmore died in 11304 and as he was underage the Kings favourite Piers Gaveston became his guardian, finally getting his full inheritance and title in 1306. Through his marriage he had gained estates in Wales and Ireland and he was made Lord Lieutenant of Ireland by Edward. By 1318 he had joined the opposition to Edward and the Despencers. He was imprisoned in the Tower after refusing to obey a summons but escaped to France in 1323. It was there he met Isabella and not long after they became lovers and joined forces to depose Edward. They landed back in England in 1326 and were generally supported. The Despencers were executed and Edward captured, imprisoned and forced to abdicate. Isabella and Edward's son was crowned Edward III but Isabella and Mortimer ruled as regents for the next three years. In 1328 Mortimer was made Earl of the March, one among many titles and estates he was granted while regent. His greed and ambition naturally caused resentment and jealousy. After ordering the execution of Edward II's younger brother in 1330, Edward III seized Isbella and Mortimer and took control. Mortimer was placed in the Tower and a month later hanged at Tyburn.

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Erika Nelson said...

Love your portraits with attitude as each seem to hold a story that needs telling. I also like the backgrounds you incorporate dahling.